NFL Fans. This is one big flipping week.
Tebow is a Jet.
New Orleans Head Coach Payton is suspended a year.
Let both of those sink in for a minute.
First, Tebow.
Well, Jets really improved their team.. Mr. GQ and Mr. All-American Virgin.
At least they have the prettiest QBs?
How they plan on having these two co-exist is beyond me.
Sources say that Tebow will be a backup to Sanchez.
The reason they traded their 4th round draft pick is because they believe that Tebow will spur Sanchez into being a better QB. MGMT wants their relationship to be built on competition.
I have this feeling that Jets fans are going to start renting Billboard space real soon.
After the way the locker room was split last season, and the blame Sanchez received from Jets fans, I think its only a matter of time.

And Payton.
He’s been suspended for the 2012 season without pay.
Loomis is suspended for 8 games and has to pay a $500,00 fine and the franchise was fined $500,000 with a lose of a second round pick in 2012. And Williams is suspended indefinitely. The individual players punishment is still being assessed.
Is it fair?
Yes. Considering the immensity of bounty gate this punishment is adequate. Goodell was expected to be harsh. He, and the entire organization are hellbent on creating player safety. This played out exactly as I figured it would
The Saints will have a very hard season ahead of them.
But, they deserve it.

And now I am going to go smoke a cigarette well i try and recollect my calm after this explosion.
Wow NFL you’ve rocked my world.