Peyton Manning
The Man of the Hour.
He’s asking for a rumoured $65 Million over 3 Years.
And It is down to 2.
Manning has told the Miami Dolphins that he will not consider them any longer.
Now it is down to the Tennesse Titans and Denver Broncos.
Let’s take a look at what these teams have to offer.
The Titans:
They just signed Hutchinson..This is big. He’s a powerful guard that can offer Peyton some much needed protection in the pocket (something Arizona could never do). Plus they are friends. Peyton’s wife is from Memphis. Plus Peyton played at the University of Tennessee. And he’s been offered an office job with the franchise after is retirement (illegal). Oh and they mentioned partial ownership (illegal)
They also have the potential to go to the playoffs.
The Broncos:
They want him. They have Elway luring him in and today he works out for them. They want to see him throw the ball 60-70 times. The Broncos were already in the playoffs and can offer him a team that can go the distance.  They have some nice offensive weapons for him.

Honestly. I hope its not the Broncos. I can’t stand a Tebow/Peyton team. The entire media would explode. There would be no recovery. What March Madness? What Sidney return? What? Who?