NFL Free Agent Circus Round Two

Just when you thought that things would calm down post-Peyton we get the Tebow saga. It has begun.
Where Will Tebow Go.

Fortunately we should know this one by the end of the week.
One week of chaos is better than 2 weeks of 6 million Peyton posts.
Tebow is going South.

Why wouldn’t he?
It’s his home, he misses it, and the people love him there.

The Dolphins and the Jaguars need a QB.

And, well, they aren’t going to attract a major talent.
Tebow isn’t going to win a SB, but he is going to sell tickets.
If he ends up with either team he will be embraced and most likely cozy in his surroundings.
Epic Tebow time won’t happen.
But honestly, it shouldn’t have in the first place.

Oh and all I’m going to say about the Leafs last night is that the only entertaining part was this fight:
Oh K you will never learn, Lucic must have punched the memory of ’08 right out of your head.