It’s NFL Free Agency today baby!!!
4pm and its ON!
Of course the biggest free agent is Peyton Manning.
Manning spent 5 hours in Miami on Monday. And now he’s off to see the Titans. Things are looking good that Peyton will be wearing that orange and green…
And i suppose why not? They can pay. Its warm. He has a condo there. haha
Randy Moss has already agreed to a contract with SF. Couldn’t have been a better landing spot for him.
Why get involved with NO’s impending fines?
Jacobs- The Jets. I know. I freaking know. Well, he doesnt want to move… is that a good enough reason!?
Reggie Wayne- ” i would love to play with Peyton” Enough said.
Henne- Jets. Bye Bye Sanchez… well maybe not bye, but go sit on the bench ya choker.
And finally.
the other biggie?
Flynn. Interest- Dolphins (pending Peyton)- his old coach is there from GB as well. Seahawks- would be a good fit for him.
Everybody get ready.
This should be an exciting one!!
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