It’s Happened.
It was a hell of a good run but reality has arrived.
Lin stunk up the court last night.
He was 1-11, only 3 assists and the Knicks lost.
Before you get too worked up you all have to remember that this is normal.It happens to the best players. For example, Kobe went 6-for-28 on Jan. 1 and CP3 1-for-8 on Feb. 4.
That and he’s 23, and really a rookie.
The Knicks didn’t really stand a chance at the Heat anyways.
James, Wade and Bosh can’t be paralleled with Lin, Anthony and Stoudemire.
If anyone should be catching slack for their performance it’s the two players the Knicks are paying $36 mil for. Players that haven’t been on a massive, impressive scoring run.
However, all you will read about today is that the mighty have fallen and the real Lin has been revealed.
Don’t listen.
Haters gunna hate.
Oh and here’s Durant being impressive.