It’s Fail Fridays everyone!
If you haven’t seen this clip yet you either live under a rock or don’t watch hockey!
Even if you don’t watch hockey I suggest you watch this clip because you will instantly feel better about your life!

Ok now thats that out of the way and we’re smiling at someone else’s misery.
It was almost an epic comeback.
The Canadians were holding strong 4-1 and then the Wild scored 3 in the last 3:53 of the game. Tied. In the shoot out the Wild are down 1-0 and Devin Setoguchi enters about to make or break the game. Poor Devin.
As he skates up to the ice-and forgot the puck.. As he turns to get it he falls.. (oh god) and goalie Carrie Price skates calmly out to touch the puck.
Game Over. Sports world fail highlights for eternity.