I’m going to use the excuse that I’m Canadian
So I’m going to write about NHL instead of March Madness.
You want to fight about it?
I just can’t not say something about the return of You-Know-Who against the Rangers tonight.
That’s right.. Heeee’sss bbacckkkkk
And what does this mean?
The Penguins win the Stanley Cup!
well.. maybe. Settle down there.
Crosby is one of the best players in the league.
He changes the game. He changes his team.
With the Penguins climbing and challenging the Rangers for the Atlantic Division crown and they are 4th in the Eastern Conference anything could happen..
BUT. Crosby won’t be coming out of the gate with a solid 20 minute set. He’s not ready for that. The Penguins can’t risk another set back. He needs to be eased into NHL game speed again.
Put him Power Plays.
It’s safer. The Penguins need help in that area.
And he can adapt slowly while still contributing to his team
Plus his team will be riled up with his return.
Prediction: 10th Straight Win Tonight for the Pens.

Oh and Lebron had a real fan last night!