I don’t know if I can talk about Peyton’s release.
*takes breathe*
But everyone keeps asking me.
I guess I have no choice
*bows head*
The unthinkable has happened. Peyton Manning will be released from the Colts today. It’s confirmed.
KC? Arizona? Miami? Jets? 49ers? Seahawks?
Everyone is ready to kick the old tires.
And things are different now. Now we know he can throw. That shakey youtube video of Peyton hucking balls confirms that. If he can take a hit or not is still debatable.
So, where will he go?
49ers- Harbaugh wouldn’t have him. Gut instinct.
Miami- they can’t afford him and everything they need right now. They want him. But him owning a condo in South Beach ain’t enough to lure him.
Seahawks-great fanbase, best spinal specialist in the league
Jets- Not a sniff he’s going there. NOT A SNIFF
Redskins- they have the salary cap space, but the pressure would be immense. And he’d play Eli, I dont think he wants to do that.
KC-easy going, lots of C space, young guns..hmm
Arizona. Cap space: check. They like their old men (Warner). Larry Fitzgerald and Peyton Manning! Imagine! And Wayne and Garcon are free agents..what if 1 follows!? Wow. wow.
biggest issue? Their O-line is SHIT. The gave up second most sacks on a QB in the league. That ain’t good for P’s neck.
Peyton in red? Strong possibility. My money is on Arizona, and KC.