Sex Sells

In everyday culture, in sports. It just does.
Danica Patrick knows this- see GoDaddy commercials.
Im guilty for it myself.

What doesn’t sell is sexism, which is just as bad as racism.
 A San Diego reporter of a Fox news affiliate, Ross Shimabuku let it slip on air that he thought Danica was a “b-.“ Maybe he didn’t say it. But we all know what he was referring to.
He later apologized and said he thought she was just awesome and hoped she did great in her race!
You could see his knees quiver as he realized how royally he had fucked up.
And he still has his job.
That’s it.
Seriously now.
Sexism is just as bad as racism and Shimabuku should be penalized on par with a racist remark.  ESPN already set this standard when they fired those responsible for the “chink in the armor” remark about Lin.
Granted, a Fox news affiliate is not on the same level as ESPN. However, they are both on television, they are both impacting the opinions of Americans and therefore they must both be treated the same.
Yes, Danica uses her body in sponsorships.. but so does Beckham,. And if we are talking about women in the media so has Erin Andrews, and Maria Menounos.
I don’t think we need to keep bringing up her sexuality as judgment on her character. She does what so many Americans do- and that doesn’t make her a bitch.