Fisher is now with the Thunder.
Fisher was drafted to Houston and then bought out his contract so he could sign to the Thunder.
Smart. I like it.
Fisher can provide some leadership to a young team that needs it.
Oh, and Fisher has something to prove.
He’s not ready to be put out to pasture just yet and he wants the Lakers to know.
He’s chosen the number 37 as his jersey number. It’s his age and as far as he’s concerned it has no bearing on his ability to play.
In his first game with the Thunder he scored 5 pts in 19 minutes in their win over the Clippers.
And next Thursday things are going to get messy.
“I’m going to demolish him”
Kobe is ready for Fisher.
He’s been in constant contact with Kobe, his closest friend in the NBA since his move. However, both acknowledge that when they play each other next Thursday they are competitors first.
And Kobe is certain that he will take Fisher apart.
And Fisher will have something to prove himself.
Maybe this trade was more exciting than I thought..

Oh and Kobe is a man beast- Check it: