Braun doesn’t love Drugs.. or does he.

Ryan Braun is now the first major league baseball player to successfully appeal a positive drug test.

In case you weren’t up-to-date Ryan Braun of the Brewers was suspected of taking synthetic testosterone after a suspicious drug test was returned. Braun lamented that he was innocent and lawyered up. It was revealed that during the urine collection procedure his sample was left unattended for over 48 hours in the collectors home. The collector, Laurenzi, said this was a normal wait time for collection and he did not tamper with any of the samples. Braun’s lawyers were vehement in stating that that the chain of custody was broken. This was the major reason that Braun was freed from the fifty game suspensions he was threatened with by the league.  However, the samples were all received at the lab with their safety seals in tact…
Braun claims that he’s innocent and that the system fucked him over, and that is why there were elevated levels of synthesized testosterone in his sample…

Must have been that shifty sample collector meticulously putting the safety seals back on his basement office laughing maliciously while simultaneously shooting up with synthetic testosterone.
Ryan Braun loves drugs and has at some point injected them into his body.

And now Braun has to face the players.
According to Buster Olney of ESPN- 80-90% of the players he’s spoken to want to spit on Braun’s face.
They are mad because he won based on challenging the collection procedure instead of challenging the presence of the drug in his system.

He may have walked legally, but publically?
He will never be clear of this in the eyes of the sports world.
There are too many holes.
The story doesn’t line up.
And Braun’s young career will forever be tainted by the sample-positive or not.

(P.S. Why did Braun do a photo shoot of him blowing feathers at the camera? Why has this not been questioned!?)